Last updated on December 8, 2022 by Hammy Havoc

For my professional workflow, I maintain a Gear List on the Split An Atom website, and whilst there’s admittedly some overlap in terms of tools, they are somewhat different.

Personal Productivity


Although I never struggled with organizing business, I used to really struggle with organizing and prioritizing my personal life due to my ADHD until I started using MyLifeOrganized (“MLO” as I often casually refer to it). I like it because you can set per-task dependencies, and this means that it only shows you actionable tasks, and hides everything else that you can’t do yet, this combined with the concept of Importance and Urgency as metadata per-task, turns my list of several thousand tasks into a few dozen per day, which I instantly know what I’m meant to be doing with.

The Contexts function is also excellent for only showing certain tasks on certain devices at specific workstations, times, or days, so I’m only shown things I can literally do right there and then with the tools at hand.

Even if you don’t have ADHD, MyLifeOrganized is well worth using. The advanced rule system built into it is unlike anything else available, so is ideal for complex workflows. I use the Pro version with Cloud Sync across my devices. Support this wonderful Ukrainian team and get 10% off the Pro version on Windows with this discount code: MLOresHammyHavocAT7913


Web Hosting

I’ve been a user of Media Temple for web hosting since 2011. Several years ago they were acquired by GoDaddy, and they’ve since announced recently that they’ll be consolidating Media Temple’s services into GoDaddy. Their support has always been excellent, as has their uptime. As well as Previous Magazine and Split An Atom, my personal website that you’re currently on is also hosted on GoDaddy.