Last updated on October 24, 2021 by Hammy Havoc, from Liverpool, UK.

This is my Now page, a concept by Derek Sivers; a living document on what my life currently looks like. Most personal websites are either too focused on what someone has already done, or too focused on the current moment—this page aims to be a happy medium. It isn’t everything that’s currently on the agenda, but it’s what I’m able to share due to NDAs and timelines that must be stuck to.

My day-to-day consists of running my multi-award winning integrated marketing agency, Split An Atom, and my tech-lifestyle publication, Previous Magazine. As always, very happy to work with you.

I am currently working on an original score and sound design for Manta (2022) amidst other responsibilities, like web development for promotion of the game. The score for Manta will also be released alongside the game and treated as my first full-length album as The Orion Correlation. I’m thrilled by how many people have downloaded the demo of Manta as part of the Steam Next Fest October Edition 2021. Thank you very much for your continued support.

I am actively doing audio post-production and scoring for various Guyanese environmentalist documentaries, public information films, and adventure-tourism content. My latest work, Eco Travellers (2021), is premiering this November at MovieTowne in Guyana for Tourism Month. The environment is incredibly important to me. I am deeply concerned about the environmental impact of gimmicky NFTs. Creators should take responsibility and put the planet before profit.

Open source software and open source hardware remain at the forefront of my workflow. I contribute to open source projects with great frequency, particularly for tools I am actively using, such as the Nunomo QUN synthesizer, or planning to use in the future.

Fragments of Thought

  • Following the announcement of Windows 11, I have begun my full-time migration to Linux on my desktop and Surface. Linux is now excellent for audio and video production and post-production. I am saying no to creating needless e-waste.
  • I would like to give a very warm thank you to Derek Sivers for taking the time to explain his brilliant custom-made email response system, it’s really helping me tackle my high volume of email.
  • I have made Matrix my main method of communicating instead of juggling a dozen different messaging apps, and just bridge them all to one place. Element is a great free client. Added bonus of encryption, and the hybrid-P2P model brought to the table by Pinecone and Dendrite is a beautiful thing. Feel free to send me a message on Matrix for a speedier response than email.
  • Both privacy and security remain something I am passionately interested in, though don’t confuse the two terms. Not sure why you should care about privacy? Read an interview I did several years ago with Recount Magazine.
  • Planning and working with others on a new distribution and monetization model for the music industry that respects rights, pays fairly, and is open to all.
  • Very interested in American Sign Language. I believe everybody should be taught it as part of a standard education. Also extremely interested in accessibility in video games.
  • Batting around some ideas for a narrative-heavy video game of my own with Mary Ann Mahoney.
  • Working on the debut record from Bryan Desrosiers.
  • Trying to share more of what I create, as well as attempt to build more in public. Objectively non-gimmicky productivity remains the heart of my workflow. A big believer in liberation through limitation.
  • In search of objective truths in a world increasingly filled with fake news and unfalsifiable hypotheses. Zero interest in baseless conspiranoid drivel. As always, the Sagan standard applies, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. You better have verifiable sources!
  • Thoroughly enjoying my new Blue Sky surround sound in the studio.

My Personal Life

  • I love our family, including our two cats, Perseus and Terra. Mary and I recently celebrated our 6th anniversary.
  • I’m more extroverted and talkative these days than I have been for a while. I am managing my anxiety. Trying to improve at keeping in touch with people; I always assume most people wouldn’t want me to bother them. Realized that my life is full of wonderful people.
  • I am managing my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Pain has been relatively OK for approximately a year. Happy.
  • I have eaten a predominantly vegetarian diet for over a decade, and more recently a solely vegetarian diet. I haven’t consumed alcohol in over five years, I don’t miss it.
  • I read, research, and write daily. I am extremely interested in e-ink productivity devices—all that reading makes your eyes sore!
  • I’ve started listening to music for pleasure again, something I had previously struggled with for many years since starting to do music professionally.
  • Still fascinated by CNC milling and 3D printing, more recently started playing with masked SLA 3D printing. Very interested in metallurgy and jewellery.