CEO of Split An Atom, Previous Magazine and Dutious. I make music as The Orion Correlation and run Voidance Records too.

Some days I score commercials, TV and movies, other days I develop government software and on the odd occasion get involved in the visual arts across a variety of mediums. My skills are available to you for a price. I’m currently based in Hoylake, Wirral though I work internationally but remotely and on-site. I prefer remotely in my private studio as I have all my gear to hand in a tightly refined workflow.

I’m an active cypherpunk and advocate the usage of open standards and can see a future where everything and everybody plays together nicely. I enjoy nothing more than subverting control.

PGP Public Key and Fingerprint

21EA F73A 7A14 DD52 EE03 088E 147F 9952 AC1D 3F33

Hammy Havoc Public Key